On Wednesday, President Kenyatta stunned the nation when he opened up about an incident where his son snuck out of home at night, defying curfew orders while in Mombasa.

Speaking during an interview with NTV, Uhuru explained that his mother, Mama Ngina, wife, Margaret Kenyatta and the unidentified son were confined in Mombasa when he first announced the cessation of movement when his son decided to sneak out of their facility at night.

“I have a young man who was travelling with his mother and were caught up by the cessation of movement in Mombasa and because of these rules, he found he cannot move,” explained Uhuru.

Uhuru Kenyatta
Uhuru Kenyatta at a file date

That action was met with swift rebuke by the Head of State who explained the folly of his behaviour.

“I asked him a personal question after it was reported to me that he had done that. I asked him ‘Fine, you have gone out, had your fun and enjoyed yourself but now you have come back and you are with your grandmother.

“Your grandmother is 80 plus years. If something happens to your grandmother as a result of what you have done, how would you live with yourself?” Questioned the president.

“I told him it is not about me, it is about how you will live with yourself,” he added.

The aim of the president’s story was a reiteration that the youth should follow government instructions;

“It is not about what the government is telling you to do, it is not about what the president or the minister of health is telling you to do,” he added.

The situation has grown dire considering that the youth make up 75 per cent of the population and have been classified as super-spreaders of the disease.