When little ones come to our lives, we want the very best for them. We buy them toys, clothes, make sure they have eaten and have a place to call home. We jump when they sneeze, running to the best of doctors to get the best of medical advice and treatment for them.

But as life has got very busy and too fast, we have not given enough thought and time for whether our little citizens are totally prepared for life. This is because we adults are too busy doing life. We have not found time to sing with them, dance to a song, or sit down to a healthy fill of a beautiful story.

This is very sad, because I know for sure that my parents and grandparents invested so much into my life. They taught me songs. We sat around a bonfire while chewing roast maize and grandpa poured life’s lessons through animal tales. Mom showed me how to handle my future home, by teaching me snippets of truths while we cooked or cleaned up in the kitchen.

Who shall step in for our little ones? Are we too busy to do the right things? Well, not so. I believe that with proper planning and priority to the most important assets, we can get our children ready for life. Indeed, good things indeed are on their way because Geisha has come up with an amazing project called Stories For Life.

Through the Stories for Life six-part series of stories, mothers can read to their children easily. Get the Geisha Stories for Life free by downloading the set of stories from your phone from the site www.geishastories.com  or dialing *436*2#.