Izwe Kenya is a non deposit-taking financial institution authorized by the government of Kenya to offer unsecured check off loans to all civil servants, TSC members in all counties, as well as selected parastatals and private institutions.

There’s no time like the present to prepare for your future. You can’t predict it but you can have a certain amount of control over it. Whether you’re in business or for your personal development, one of the things you really need is a trusted financial solutions partner. Choosing the right partner to prepare for your financial future is an important decision and this is why Izwe loans fills this gap.

Why Izwe?

No matter what you need to achieve, you can get it done with Izwe loans. They have worked hard to help people to build better lives for themselves and they’ve done this for more than five years.

By helping more than 28,000 Kenyans access the financial assistance they needed, when they needed it, they have indeed proven that they are committed to making dreams come true. With unique financial solutions, you can get assistance when you need it in the simplest way possible.

They’ve also made it easy to pay back, with fixed interest and flexible terms. They will make it happen for you and your loved ones, no matter what you need.

Parents have trusted them to help send their children to school. Business owners have trusted them with the assistance they needed in getting funding for new equipment and working capital. Homeowners have trusted them to lend a hand with building and renovations.

Besides these, Izwe is committed to the highest standards of business integrity, ethical values and governance.

The difference with Izwe

Applications processed in under 30 minutes and successful payouts in less than 72 hours. Izwe loans has distinguished their services by

  1. Simplifying and speeding up the process of getting financial help
  2. Making financial assistance easy to pay back, with fixed monthly repayments
  3. Making an offer on loan applications within minutes
  4. Ensuring competitive interest rates and flexible terms to meet client requirements
How to apply for an Izwe loan

There are various means. You can apply for an Izwe loan face to face by visit any of their branches to speak any of their consultants. They also have a network of agents located countrywide to help you with your financial needs.

Call +254 (0) 709 530 000 or SMS Izwe to 20499 and they’ll call you back

For Car4Cash queries contact your nearest branch:

Nairobi Retail Branch
+254 (0) 709 530 171

Kisumu Branch
+254 (0) 709 530 161

Mombasa Branch
+254 (0) 709 530 141

Email [email protected] and they will get back to you