DK Kwenye Beat

Size 8 has released a statement a day after she interviewed fellow artiste DK Kwenye Beat over the s3xual abuse scandal. The singer says she has already spoken to the girl in question, who was raped and infected with an STD and condemns DK’s actions.

I had an interview with my our family friend DK to further understand the #Toboa story. More facts emerged during and after the interview.

And yes for sure she is in great pain I really feel her after our talk she at least felt the love of JESUS CHRIST but she didn’t expose the story out of bitterness she was just trying to create awareness to other ladies to be safe and not trust anyone.

She added, “I unequivocally reject his actions, and those by any person, that in any way inhibit the rights or safety of another human being. I further reached out to the lady in the story. We pray that justice may prevail and that the girl in the story shall get a full & comprehensive recovery, of both mind and body.”

DK Kwenye Beat


Size 8 has deleted all the videos supporting DK Kwenye Beat’s apology, that she had previously posted.

DK kwenye Beat’s girlfriend Shanice commits social media suicide