Whenever my mother insists on praying for journey mercies, I often get impatient. But after seeing the accident that transpired along Waiyaki Way today morning, I can’t help but feel sorry for getting impatient. Clearly, a mother’s intuition is seldom wrong.

Early today morning, there was a freak accident along Waiyaki way that has me feeling like I will always pray before I leave the house. Because sometimes, bizarre things happen and you are at the mercy of fate.
Today as we many rushed to work, an accident an accident occurred along Waiyai that has left several in critical condition.

Check out the photos below:

You can imagine just how grateful I am that no one has been confirmed dead. But that said, Kenyan roads are becoming crazy. I guess what I am saying is that with the increase in road carnage in the past few days and the timing of the season; we are hurtling towards Christmas, something has to be done.

Safety however starts with you. If you’re in a matatu being driven ridiculously, stand for something. It’s your life afterall and once you’re dead or maimed, it’s too late to complain.