Njugush and his wife

Kenyan comedian and content creator Njugush has asked his fans to pray for him as he has too much trouble brewing in his marriage.

Well, it’s nothing serious just the fact that his wife wants to go to Jamaica to meet her ‘crush’ Chris Martin.

This, she revealed during a live session on their YouTube.

My dream destination is Jamaica I would love people to see people Passa passa. Passa Passa is a weekly street party that originated in Kingston, Jamaica and has spread to other areas in the Caribbean. I want to go see Chris Martin.

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Njugush and wife Celestine

Njugush was quick to respond that he would follow her to Jamaica but not to keep her company but to meet his crush, Cecile.

I will go to Jamaica because of Cecile, But if you are going because of Chris Martin let us just stay in Kenya. People please pray for me I told you I have problems.

Now you know why Njugush needs prayers people. Pray for him before Wakavinye is taken by Jamaican men.

It would be such a loss na vile kupata bibi Kenya ni ngumu.

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