A few days after a lawyer Willy Kimani was brutally murdered by officers, many were left questioning and wondering how the police could possibly pull such a heinous act on an innocent citizen, well I guess the madness still continues even across the borders.

Man Dies Horribly After Allegedly Trying To Run Away From Kenyan Speed Cops

When the police in Uganda are not busy beating or running over innocent citizens they break other laws. This comes after their dear president just dropped a roadside challenge internationally known as “M7 challenge”.

Most Feared Kenyan Cops of All Time (Part 2)

Security officials in Uganda are finding it trendy to break the law in the name of creating some sort of challenges, or should we call it posing for greatness. What do you think guys check out the photo below.


I don’t know about you guys, but this looks to me like Uganda is in some sort of power trip. Recently a police vehicle just ran over an innocent citizen and acted like it is no big deal. In which planet does one not get injured when knocked down by a vehicle? Shaking my head!

Sadistic Police Officers Allegedly Gang Rape Teenager Then Carve Their Names Into Her Flesh

The police should be the ones protecting people from violence and attacks not imposing the violence on them. Some one needs to remind the Ugandan police there is no excuse for such blatant disregard for the law.

Check out the video below if you missed it out.