Transgender Letoya Johnstone has confessed that he’s not the glamorous model you see on TV and Magazine in real life. The runway model trainer has revealed that many mistake him or rather celebrities for being rich just because of how they present themselves out there but that’s not the case.

Letoya Johnstone, who is never shy of speaking out his mind has revealed that despite him being one of the top models in the fashion industry, the multitalented lad and his mother still lives in a single room and his story has inspired many.

“Life has its own way of putting you where you belong; but before it puts me, allow me to put myself. This entertainment industry has taught me so much. Lies, fake lives, reality and above all, the fact that you keep your enemies closer and your friends close. 😇
Every time you see me on TV or other glossy magazines and hotels, allow me to remind you that that is not who I am. It is just the situation at hand and someone is always taking care of the bills. I thank God for those kind hearts!” he wrote in part accompanied by the photo below.

Letoya Johnstone
Letoya Johnstone shows off where he stays with his mother

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Letoya says he came from nothing and is determined is to work hard and change the narrative of his life.

“The plain truth is this, what you see in this photo is exactly how our house looks like. That is the kitchen, bedroom, living room and everything. The only difference is that the toilets are the bush nearby. Fact.!
Whenever I see people show off their wealth around me, I also choose to stand strong in front of them and present that picture up there. That is what my mother and I own. What my family can stand up and say, I am going home or see you at my house.

Most people have advised me not to post this kind of photos because they bring me disrespect as someone in the fashion industry with a name to protect. My question is, until when shall we fake it till we make it? I came from nothing and my jurisdiction is to work hard and change the narrative of my life. Not through lies but in truth. 😇

Every time you see me work so hard, just know the failures I have encountered are way higher and the staircase to change is a battle that is larger than myself. Hopefully one day I will post a beautiful home according to your standards but for now, this is who I am to date. Poverty is a lesson that is never taught in school. It is something you go through to understand life in a deeper meaning. This is my Bangalore. When I die, never expect our home to be Cinderella Story. I stand to be myself. 😇”

His followers have reacted to his story and below are some of the comments:

Faith: This is so deep you’re an inspiration 😍.. Morning made😊

Cherotichrono: This is profound ❤❤ you amaze me. I love watching your interviews. You are so real. God bless!

Savoye_maasai: @letoya_johnstone this is so touched my dear so deep I had to show my sister this post and keep reminding me you are an inspiration dear,we all have a beginning,we all have a life story,you are getting towards that mansion and the world will see and learn from you toy toy may our almight God continue be upon you brigs blessings on your hands work! AMIN,this is your follower frm TZ you know how much I love you and appreciate you be blessed

Masama_ellaine: My dear you’re the kind of a person to stay besides because I see in you humbleness, simplicity and above all I see a mentor @letoya_johnstone worldly possession doesn’t define you but your attitude does and you what , you’ve proved it and never apologise for being who you are, carry on aiming higher and God is surely on your side.

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Kevilious_omondi: So touched Toy toy baby…we should learn to accept who we are and where we come from. The important thing is where we wanna go so before we get there we should embrace what life has in store

Sophiesanya: Wow! God will surely bless you. He will expand our territory. Believe

Mamatotowraps: Poverty is a lesson never taught in school…. You are way too real. Real real. Sad that many people barely love to relate to the real truth.. And try to keep up with appearances especially in the urban cities. You are a gem