Wahu Kagwi

Everyone is on lockdown and things haven’t been the same for many in the past three months. Singer Wahu Kagwi shared a post inviting her followers to share what they’ve learnt during this Covid-19 season and reactions were mixed.

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Check out what they had to say;

winnyshiru That I can survive anything, l had to deal with loss during quarantine, with no family near me. I am grateful for my friends and God who have been my rocks. I am in a much better place now

smiliosis1 Always have a plan B. If plan A fails, get up dust yourself and look for a plan C, D,E. Also, that meeting can be an email

quingetha How easy it is to slip into depression.

beatricemirichu Health is wealth… Never to take anything for granted

joey.nganga I can actually multi-task. Feel like a superwoman handling my home perfectly

ekukubo Saving is very important

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ka.fay_f I can eat a full loaf of bread, not get full and not feel guilty.

bernicenissi Sitting in the office is not a sign of effectiveness. We can work from whenever and be good

juicofficial Poverty is real…

njeri7957 That am a very good cook just that I wasn’t putting the effort n passion needed
kimarumonica That tomorrow is not certain.. We live one day at a time, and each day should count!

nashtrendz Never take anything for granted always give thanks for what you have.Tables can turn very fast.

connie_kuria We’re all equal

mwihakimugaki That what God brings you out of at a certain point in time will manifest as the greatest blessing later in life.. I am so grateful to be broke and alone with my children at this time but very very peaceful and happy😊

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