Miguna Miguna speaking
Miguna Miguna. photo credit: file

Miguna Miguna is never short of drama. Miguna, who unsuccessfully vied for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the last election, yesterday was hosted by NTV’s Larry Madowo on his Side Bar programme alongside Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr, Elgeyo Marakwet senator Murkomen Kipchumba and nominated MP Jeniffer Shamalla.

Miguna Miguna

But things did not go well,  Miguna Miguna was involved in a vicious verbal exchange with Larry Madowo on air after he made remarks that seemed to be advocating for violence.

“For a revolution to take place, blood sometimes has to be involved,” Miguna said.

This saw Larry cut him short and the learned lawyer was not happy. He started complaining questioning the NTV presenter why he could not allow him to explain his point.

“Don’t call me back here if you will keep on interjecting when I am expressing my independent views. You’re not a journalist,” shouted Miguna Miguna.

And Larry responded;

“If you are not going to answer my questions then don’t come back to my show!”

Here are some of the reactions

Tony: Total juvenile behaviour from @LarryMadowo Why not let @MigunaMiguna finish the statement & decide whether he is advocating violence or not?

RAC 254: LarryMadowo understands where we are as a country, Its not the time to loosen our mouths and spit anything that will harm this country.

Larry Madowo

Magara: @LarryMadowo you must be silly and emotionally dumb the way you handled @MigunaMiguna. It’s him who makes us watch #Sidebar.Not you. Silly

Victor: These people who don’t read are the ones thinking demagogue is an insult. I was shocked Larry doesn’t know what “demagogue” means.

Omondi: Miguna is like potassium, you put him on air and he explodes.. 🙂

Andrew: Thank you @LarryMadowo for ensuring that there is sobriety and deportment devoid of derogatory vitriol during #sidebar @ntvkenya

Akwa: The only show @LarryMadowo could handle well was #TheTrend coz it was for socialites. When mature people come to #Sidebar he can’t manage.

Boaz: MigunaMiguna Sorry Sir and @LarryMadowo Ease your Temper don’t act like a pregnant woman 👩 plus that is not ur show😆 you’re not a journalist

Mahtma: Larry should go back to the trend, he can’t Moderate with sobriety, barring Miguna from your Show will only make it less popular

Watch the full video below