Trevor Ombija and Victoria

Celebrated TV presenter Trevor Ombija is a well known for his love for weddings and quite a number of friends have confirmed so.

The Citizen presenter commented on a photo of Ken Mijungu with a female friend, asking when the wedding was taking place, and he was trolled.

Media personalities among them Maina Kageni, Victoria Rubadiri and Mercy Juma responded to Trevor and their comments were hilarious.

‘wewe kwanza ndio umeniwaste sana 😂’ reads Mercy’s comment

Another friend of his identified as Wincky wrote;

@trevor_ombija is the certified chairman of all ruracios

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Rubadiri, who’s single, asked his colleague when he was planning to wed.

na wewe je?👀

Trevor Ombija

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Ombija, who’s said to be taken but not married yet, responded to Rubadiri and he told her,

@victoria_rubadiri look at the pot calling the kettle black…I even followed you to Citizen hoping to be invited to YOURS as the Chairman, at this rate I will bring you a walking stick (BAKORA) as a gift.

Victoria Rubadiri

Well, below are photos showing different times Trevor Ombija attended weddings

Trevor Ombija
Trevor Ombija at a previous Ruracio ceremony

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