The car

A Twitter user called 99th Sense posted images of a yellow Porsche 911 2016 model. The car was spotted on the intersection of Koinange Street and Monrovia street.

The comments about the car were interesting with some speculating about the ownership of the car.

Others meanwhile, wondered aloud how it was possible for some Kenyans to be spending such amounts of money while the economy was in the doldrums.

The car has been spotted numerous times on the busy streets of Nairobi.

The car

Some of the comments regarding the car are below:

Jaduong’: Someone finally bought it, ilikuwa inazungushwa to different car showrooms na yards.
hvmsternotnice: Watu wako na pesa 😂😂.
kiruti: smh I wish I had Porsche money lol.
‏IanmarkKimani: Damn 🔥🔥
MaryKibe: Usiseme Kenya is broke. Kindly say I am broke. 😂😂😂.
marangu_: Gai! Si watu wako na pesa.
Yusuf: 2016-911, owner is some lowkey dude who owns a garage. Estimated price 11.4.
Mutua Kinywa 🇰🇪: 😂😂Sijui watu wanatoa wapi pesa yawaaaah.
Ndekei: Imepita magari zingine hapa University Way ni kama magari za watu zinatembea.
Jacque: People ain’t broke, pesa iko.

The car with the screaming colours has a base price of close to Ksh 8.5 million online and can reach close to Ksh 20 million depending on the frills added.

The car

A report earlier this year in Business Daily stated that both Porsche and BMW had not made a sale in the first two months of the year.

So, who is this who broke the streak?

A tweep by the name Derrick Lace tweeted: “Hio gari ni ya Brian Ng’ang’a he’s dad owns Valley Road Motors, so the car is still on sale.”

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