A US rapper and former convict Webster Gradney, Jr popularly known by his stage name Webbi got baptized over Easter.

The 30-year-old rapper who was busted for drugs in 2011 and battery in 2012, says he got the calling from God Almighty Himself.

The rapper who was jailed for selling drugs four years ago shocked a congregation at a local church in Louisiana when he made a decision to get baptized.

During the church service on Sunday, April 5, the preacher asked if anyone wanted to be baptized… immediately, the rapper skipped up saying the ‘good Lord told me to take the plunge.’

He was however buried in a pool of water outside the church. According to sources, it only took about 30 seconds for Webbie to find salvation, and after he was saved, he celebrated with friends over boiled crawfish.

Webbi is famously known for his ratchet songs; Gutta Bitch, Bad Bitch, and Trilla Than A Bitch.

Watch the video below