Whenever the name Illuminati rings, the visage of certain celebrities always comes to mind. Kanye west, Lady Gaga, Jay Z and Rihanna. And in the case of Rihanna the accusations often ring louder. And so it is in following with this echo that I decided to watch her recent release #BBHMM and trust that I was not disappointed by the hedonism.

But oh my word! The video is in a word raw! It features a kidnapping and allusions to dismemberment and torture and features heavy nudity and a bloody Rihanna.
Menstrual jokes aside, the video is indeed rather suspect -or perhaps that is my inner Igbo coming to the for with superstitions.

I am not the only Kenyan whose eye was caught by the video and ears contorted by the catchy earworm. Take Lil Oreo a.k.a Anita Nderu a.k.a E.P a.k.a Enemy of Progress. She decided to record herself singing the song sung by someone rumoured to be Illuminati’s finest: