The 20th edition of Industry Night, an event which was started 3 years ago with the aim of supporting local music, went down on Thursday, 6 April at Club Privee in Westlands.

Music lovers were treated to thrilling performances from Rankaddah, Naiboi, Kristoff, Make I Am, Chiwawa, Dom Mwangemi, Chilubah, just to name a few.

However, the most memorable moment of the night was when female rapper Kyki snatched the microphone from her nemesis Femi One and started free styling.

At first, those who were in attendance thought she was just messing around but things got serious when she refused to get off the stage, demanding her own microphone instead.

Kyki, who had performed about an hour earlier, caused so much drama that the organizers  had to intervene and ask her to get off the stage.

Even after being kicked off the stage, the “Kuku Mwitu” singer refused to sit down and kept asking for a microphone. She even flashed her middle finger at the crowd at some point.

Here’s the video:

Njeri, Femi One and Kyki made headlines for the better part of last year after each of them released diss tracks targeting one another in what was seen as a supremacy battle to earn the title of Queen of Hip Hop in Kenya.

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