Anita Gaitho comes across as a really fashionable blogger. Her BAKE 2015 nomination is indication enough that she truly has a bright future ahead for her with her style blogging.

She’s also a realistic writer, who says what she stands for without feeling intimidated by what the mainstream thinks about her.

Her wedding is only 3 months away – for team mafisi in case you didn’t know. However she says she is finding it hard to find her dream wedding dress as inspired by “unrealistic expectations” from her favorite childhood movies.

“Found my dream wedding dress & my heart is palpitating over knowing it might not be within reach. Wedding dress shopping in this country is so bland & boring. I regret ever watching all these TLC wedding shows that have given me unrealistic expectations. 3 months to my wedding & I haven’t tried on even one dress. Sigh.”


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