Fast-raising gospel musician Weezdom recently revealed a side of him that his fans never knew until yesterday.

In a candid interview with Mambo Mseto’s Willy M. Tuva on Wednesday, the lad said he used  to engage in many vices before he got saved.

Weezdom said he would peddle bhang and transport guns in his school bag from the slums never mind the fact that he was wearing his school uniform.

“Nilikuwa mhalifu, niliuza bhangi na kushiriki wizi sana. Nikiwa na  sare za shule, nilisafirisha bastola kwa bag ya vitabu kutoka Korogocho, Mathare hadi Eastleigh,” he said.

However, after some time Weezdom saw the light and decided to change his ways. He said that he changed his ways after his friends were gunned down.