We need more Kenyans like this. Imagine if a couple of angry millionaires got fed up with waiting for the government to deliver the services we pay taxes for and took it upon themselves to fix things? wait, this man is one of the cloth so he knows not the pain of having to pay Ushuru Kenyatta’s government taxes.

But atleast he got pissed off and did something positive about it.

Meet Pastor Godfrey Migwi a man who ministers at House of Hope in Kayole. He has decided to act on his own and rehabilitate a public road using his own money.

The preacher has made a name for himself on social media for critiquing the government. Migwi recently called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to desist from taking Chinese loans.

Pastor Migwi has now decided to rehabilitate a public road after he got tired of calling on the county government to fix roads around his neighbourhood in Nairobi.

The city preacher has been imploring the county government to fix poor roads but since his calls fell on deaf ears he decided to dig deep into his own pockets to fix the roads himself.

Pastor Godfrey Migwi next to a heavy construction vehicle that was fixing a public road he paid for with his own money

“Making our Home area a better place bila CDF ama msaada wa serikali for the glory of God, msaada wangu watoka kwa Yesu. You can use what you’ve to make your neighbours happy. Change starts with you. One step at a time. You can’t lead people with a greedy heart,” wrote Pastor Godfrey Migwi on Facebook.

I am wondering where Mike Sonko is as all this is going on.