Joseph Irungu aka Jowi engages a friend at the Milimani law Court in Nairobi on November 28,2019.Photo/ENOS TECHE

Joseph Irungu a.k.a Jowie is unlucky. Jowie, who’s the main suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder will spend his second Christmas and New Year at the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

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Yesterday, the court pushed his bail application ruling to February 13, 2020.

Joseph Irungu in court recently

The court’s decision has ignited mixed reactions among Kenyans, with many hoping the poor boychild will be freed soon.

Dennis Itumbi I wish Jowie gets a favourable decision. May justice be served to all.

Chelimor Joycey Justice delayed is justice denied, this is Kenya

Eric Kakanyipola And this means more poems to Maribe brother Itumbi.. Congrats

Carol Njeri Si awachiliwe aenjoy Xmas arudi Jan nishikwe mahali pakee😥😥😥mnyonge hii Kenya hana haki

Beatrice Akinyi The governor of Migori is still roaming around.

Thongori I think it is unfair

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Anne Wanjiru Mburu Very sad for this man, yet pleading every day. God intervene for him

Cyrus Nyarangi Yet Sarah Cohen got in and left in no time! Equality exists only in papers. If BBI won’t address such issues then vitu kwa ground will remain the same.

Sami Ozil Is Jowie not a Kenyan like Governor Obado, Jacque Maribe, Lawyer Nyakudi and the rest who are facing murder case?? Rotten judiciary… May your budget be sliced to the nearest 0…You cannot give justice by doing favour to others and denying others who are in the same pot in the name of who is who in the government…All of them should be behind bars if Judiciary is truly independent…Or maybe the deceased was an angel and Sharon and Lawyer’s son were human being??? That’s why Jowie cannot be granted bail?? Shame.

Kipsang Ronoh I wish him well and all inmates. Let justice prevail for all.

Wandabwa Mukhebi Very unfair. If he was a politician, he would be out.

Linus Kebut Justice in Kenya is for the Rich

David Kinyua Who is counting? Monica Kimani will never see another Christmas this side of the sun

Patriotic434 very unfair. Judiciary should have taken a week and decided. Obado is still walking around

Gibson Amenya Tough times for him

Imeldah Meme Kajuju Jowie ungalijua ungalicheza kiwewe

Charles Ambetsa The crime is a bailable one. Playing these games with a suspect not proven guilty is an infringement on their rights. This is wrong. (no matter what the media has made us believe)

Joy Kathure Ikiara Lucky him.The family of the beautiful lady he killed will spend x-mas wishing that their daughter would just be somewhere doing her life.

Jowie and Maribe's father
Jacque Maribe’s dad looks at Jowie who is deep in thought

Sos Sos Peter What if he is innocent, will his wasted time repayed???

Prince Denno @dennisitumbi, Create another poem for Maribe but Eric ndiye anampeleka na rieng

Purity Kibet Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

Esther Kamau While Monica spends hers in the grave.

Jowie in court

Ben Njoroge I still believe we have a very big problem in Kenya. Obado,Sarah Wairimu and Jowie had similar charges of murder before the courts.Obado and Wairimu have very fat accounts Thats why thy were granted bail very quickly. Jowie has nothing, That’s why him and many other poor kenyans are dying in jails. My prayer. God remembers the poor. Let them depend on you for their freedom.

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Vick Marshall We shall overcome!!! Just Hold on a little longer jowie.

Alex Acosta Jowie is a poor man,if he had big accounts he could be out for his money to circulate,the government isn’t foolish.

Emma Kolaas All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others Jowie .Sabe’s ?

Josephine Kariuki Aki Jowie and Obado is free.

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