Even after we highlighted the dangers of ‘mchele’ in Mpasho’s Investigative series ‘Tablets of Destruction’, people still hook up with strangers in bars for a night out especially men. Cases of people being drugged by city prostitutes are still high, and few seem to have learnt from the victims.

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A man was recently found drugged by his supposed girlfriend after they stole a car along Chester house in Nairobi. According to eyewitnesses, the two left a city restaurant at 6am and proceeded to the vehicle, where they claimed the lady had given the man a white substance (probably Stilnox what is commonly referred to as Mchele or unga)  before she left.

“The man slept in the stolen vehicle without moving, we tried calling him or knocking the door of the car, but he could not wake up. We were so worried for him,” said a taxi driver.

The owner of the car, who did not identify himself, said he left the unlocked vehicle in a parking lot, from where it was stolen.

“This is my vehicle, and nobody can take it because it’s automatic. He cannot even steal the radio,” he said.

The drugged man woke up dazed around 8:30am and could not explain what he was doing in a stolen car.

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