Polycarp Igathe
Polycarp Igathe. photo credit: wikipedia

Polycarp Igathe has probably set a record for being the shortest Nairobi deputy governor. His tenure as Sonko’s number two lasted for less than half a year. The announcement shocked many, but there had been some rumblings that all was not well at city hall.

Polycarp Igathe and Mike Sonko
Polycarp Igathe and Mike Sonko. photo credit: the star

Kenyan politicians NEVER resign! Even when faced with corruption allegations or even if they were comatose for months on end, no resignation letter would come forth! So to see one do so has come as a shock to many. Social media went abuzz when his resignation was made public.

Polycarp Igathe
Polycarp Igathe. photo credit: the star

As you would expect, the posts ranged from the funny to the serious. Below are some of the best reactions to the proclamation:


There you have it. Polycarp is gone. Nairobi is now left in the great hands of Sonko.

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