Nameless vs Redsan
Nameless vs Redsan

Nameless and Redsan are both veterans in Kenya’s musical arena. Yes, our industry may still be young if you consider Western norms and ideal for when an individual should be considered a “veto”.

In the past performing “Juju”

But here in Kenya, our nascent entertainment industry considers people who have been in the game for at least 15 years to be pioneers.

And that bring me to this article. Nameless and Redsan have seen their fair share when it comes to singing and rapping.


The two lanky individuals both share a disgusting love for the do-rag. It is a scarf normally worn on the head after a hair treatment process (hairdo).


A short musical history on the two staring with:


He started his musical journey back in 1998 when he won the Star Search challenge that was held at Carnivore Grounds. He then released his album, Seasons of the San, in 2002 under the Ogopa DJ’s label.

Belaire poster. photo credit: Instagram/redsanmusic

The album had the songs “Julie” and “Wanipa Raha”. His then followed up with his second effort Red in 2004. This album had the songs “Chicken”, “Malaika” and “Apakatwe”. He released his third album, Pioneer, in 2006 and it had the singles such as “Kenyan” and “Touch”.


Also in 2013, he had arguably his biggest hit when he and Jamaican artist Demarco collaborated on the dancehall tune “Badder Dan Most.”


The brilliantly named artist got his big break in 1999 after a star search by music station 98.4 Capital FM. He won it with his song “Megarider.”

The track was later recorded by legendary producer Tedd Josiah going on to become a major hit country-wide. He then signed onto Ogopa Deejays in 2001.

Nameless and Maina Kageni
Nameless and Maina Kageni

He was able to collaborate with artists like Amani and E-Sir on such hit songs like “Ninanoki” and “Boomba Train”.

In 2004, he released his debut album On Fire. Nameless has been featured in a song with the Kansoul, “Moto wa kuotea mbali” which has received favourable reviews. The song was released in 2015 to favourable reviews.


He has also other songs like:

  • Butterfly
  • Deadly
  • Coming Home
  • African Beauty
  • Letigo
  • Nasinzia Nikikuwaza
  • Ng’ang’ana
  • Maisha
  • Salary
  • Magarider
  • Ninanoki
  • Moto wa Kuotea Mbali

Between the two artists who do you think will leave behind the better legacy when they are both done? Give your answer in the poll below: