Kambua vs Size 8
Kambua vs Size 8

The poll between Kambua and Size 8 on July 16th received a lot of feedback. Some of it was positive and some of it was negative. But one takeaway is that these two women have very loyal supporters.


But most of the voters/commenters were civil even though the term cyber-bullying was thrown around a bit.. The thing that surprised most me about the vote was how lopsided it was.

Size 8

When we put the two ladies together for the poll, we thought that it would be a more even split. Some of the comments on the poll are below:

_justsaffie kambua anyday
tinatinda@akinyi_cynthia my opinion still stands. And you are free to have your own too. What do you mean no one has insulted her? Just look at the comments. Maybe that can’t put her down but it’s tiny things like these that lead to cyber bullying.
vince.olige Apa umeonea size 8😂 kambua for me tooo
barazasophie Both u look great

Size 8
mary_thumbi Somehow I prefer kambuas dressing and size 8 is good too
tinah_mariah Kambua
dottietwodet Kambua all time everyday.
shiro_nicholas@frank.ojwang Isnt it funny how men are uplifting both women and women are putting one of them down? Smh
miss_inkredible Do we really need to vote on this? Kambua!!
carolwillys That’s a no brainer….Kambua off course

saciahfozy8 mama wambo
akinyi_cynthia@tinatinda Does size 8 look like she can be put down? She’s gone through worse. Plus its just a simple opinion poll my goodness. Noone has insulted her!
bevthebrand Kambua of course but they are both gorgeous in their own right

The results are below:

The poll results
The poll results

Kambua won with a huge 82% of the vote. What do you think of this results? Do they mirror your own thoughts?

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