Nameless and Redsan have been in the entertainment industry for nearly two decades.

These are men who have seen three presidencies, knew Kenya before MPesa, before land rates could compete with those in London!


Yes, these men have seen Kenya when Peugeot 504 was a statement car. Hehehe!

But they have also contributed in changing and shaping the entertainment future in this country.

Last week, I conducted a poll on who between the two would leave a better legacy in the event that they are both retired.

The answers were interesting to say the least, with names like Khaligraph Jones were being posted.

Did I ask about Khaligraph?

khaligraph jones
khaligraph jones. photo credit: Instagram/khaligraph jones

I am sure I didn’t. Some of the comments are below:

muriirabrian Redsan
ms_mbayagi Nameless
lenisben Do we have to compare them
leonsumbua @khaligraph_jones will be better than those 15 years of wasted…..
wino_africa Asiyekuwa na jina 🌍👑
lovelylillym Non,but Esa did.
akinyi8297 Nameless forever
borisekeyah@lenisben also wondering the same…plus they sing different genres of music.
_sawanda Both
kenneth_nesta Juakali
obi_black_kanobi The durag legacy tho… That’ll stand out
nyasakaemma both are good
that_queen_jaque Who is redsan💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️😎😎
ramsonmucky Non of business
denziwahush Both are pioneers of the game…they paved a way for so many new cats in our industry,They each continue to build on their own legacy,comparing who is better makes no sense!
berrylamollo Isa placed the M in music
mkavachi Both
So who won the poll. The one who shall not be named.


He did so taking 70% of the vote as compared to Redsan.

The results
The results

So as a gong for his achievement, we leave you with some of his greatest hits below. Enjoy:

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