From Sh900k watch to Sh20k ties - Murkomen lists pricey things he owns


• "To Kenyans who faulted me for wearing those watches, that is my weakness and I am willing to correct myself."

Kipchumba Murkomen
Image: Courtesy

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen has disclosed his ownership of a number of pricey possessions.

The CS, who has been the centre of attention due to allegations that he owns incredibly expensive stuff, stated on Monday that some of the estimations made by Kenyans regarding his shoes and watch are inflated.

Nonetheless, Murkomen acknowledged that he possesses some of the priciest timepieces, including one that costs Sh900,000.

"The price of the watch I wear is very expensive to say the truth. But it is not worth the price of what people are speculating about on social media. And it is because it was sold to me by my friend," Murkomen said in an interview with Obinna TV.

"There are two watches that have gone viral on social media. The first one I bought, it was not as expensive as they said and the second one a friend of mine, came to me, because he saw the other on social, and said " I sell watches, do you want me to sell you Rolex?' and I said yes, why not. He sold it to me at a third (30 per cent) of the price being claimed on social media. He even gave me time to pay in installments."

The CS also disclosed that the price range of his priciest shoes is between Sh70,000 and Sh80,000.In addition, he owns a belt that ranges in price from Sh40,000 to Sh50,000.

"I don't have to wear two belts in two years; one belt is enough. Just buy one belt for Sh50,000 that is quality and which has black and brown sides that you can alternate when wearing," he said.

On ties, the CS said he has a collection whose price ranges from Sh15,000- Sh20,000.

"In life, there are things that are vanity that you find yourself ending up buying," he said.

The CS, however, said he has received concerns from Kenya who are questioning his love for expensive things.

He pledged to shun the luxuries to enable Kenyans to focus on his key mandate so that he can be accountable to the people he serves.

"I appreciate the comments that have come from Kenyans asking why are you wearing expensive watches and shoes. And it is true. Had invested it in the money markets to buy bonds, maybe it would have earned interest,"  he said.

"I want to tell all Kenyans who faulted me for wearing those watches that that is my weakness and I am willing to correct myself. If a watch or shoe is going to distract the people I serve from the key things that I must be held accountable for, I have said to my friends that the watches can stay."

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