Omtatah breaks down Salasya's controversial 'measly' salary


β€’ The Busia politician clarified that the reason why Salasya was taking home only Ksh 2,364 was caused by the deductions evident on his payslip.

Peter Salasya
Image: Instagram

Busia Senator and political activist Okiya Omtatah, known for his advocacy for Kenyan rights, has gained significant popularity over the years.

In an interview with Dr. King'ori, the senator addressed MP Salasya's salary, which Salasya had publicly shared.

Omtatah clarified that the reason Salasya was taking home only Ksh 2,364 was due to the substantial deductions on his payslip.

Among these deductions, Salasya's mortgage was a whopping Ksh 541,947, his car loan deductions amounted to Ksh 85,981, and his staff pension was Ksh 54,647.

These deductions constitute the largest portion of the total, explaining why the legislator's take-home salary is significantly reduced.

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya
Image: Peter Salasya/X

Okiya also explained that legislators are provided car grants that do not require repayment. However, in the case of Salasya, he opted for an additional car loan beyond the one provided.

The senator pointed out that some of these expenses are unnecessary, noting that by the end of the payment plan, the MP will have paid 25 million Ksh, an amount he suggested could build a palace back in his home.

This has sparked mixed reactions among Salasya's supporters, with some labeling him as broke and others simply amazed by the significant deductions observed.

Here is the payslip:

Salasya's pay slip
Image: Instagram

Here is what the netizens had to say:

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alex_mwakideuEh mhesh, please weka number ya simu tukuwekee kakitu...

carolinacarlzHata huna Haya kabisaaa.... The mortgage you are paying is an investment!!! The car loan, the saccos, eish. Iyo nyumba Na Gari ukimaliza kulipia itakua ya wananchi ama yako?? The saccos , basically that's your savings, meaning uko Na pesa mingi Sana unasave... Stop carrying us like fools!!

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