Grandkids to late Maina Wanjigi celebrate him with heartfelt eulogy

• The late politician was the father of Jimi Wanjigi. 

late maina wanjigi family courtesy Douglas Okiddy
late maina wanjigi family courtesy Douglas Okiddy

Family and friends gathered to honour the late Maina Wanjigi in a special ceremony, sharing heartfelt tributes and memories.

His grandchildren took center stage, reflecting on the profound impact he had on their lives.

"He loved to speak in public, always encouraging me to do the same. I've taken that advice to heart, and what I'll cherish forever are the lessons Guka taught me," said James Wekesa Awori, one of his grandsons.

Others, Maina and Wambui, fondly recalled bonding moments in the village with the late politician. "One phrase that constantly echoes in my mind is 'we are soldiering on.'

It was our refuge away from home, where our grandparents imparted invaluable wisdom about life's challenges. As a family, we continue to soldier on," they shared.

"You embodied integrity, strength, and character," added Wambui, who gained recognition during Jimmy Wanjigi's manifesto launch.

She fondly remembered how Maina Wanjigi enjoyed boasting about his grandchildren.

"He once told me he received numerous calls praising my speech at my father's manifesto launch. He even joked about giving me away at my wedding with dollars instead of Kenyan shillings," she reminisced, bringing laughter to the gathering.

Wambui also revealed his penchant for chocolate cake, recalling playful pillow fights during sleepovers. Her earliest memories of him were filled with warmth and joy.

Maina Wanjigi's passing was announced five days ago. The former Cabinet Minister passed away at the age of 92 after receiving treatment for an undisclosed illness.

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