4 things Salasya believes Ruto can do to cool down the youth

• The Mumias East MP voted NO on the contentious Finance Bill 2024.

Peter Salasya
Image: Instagram

MP Peter Salasya has advised President William Ruto to consider reshuffling his cabinet. Further adding that he should also consider removing SHIF as a health care system for Kenyans.

Through his socials he advised,

"I pray this morning that God may help Ruto realize what exactly these young people want hata kama ni ku reshuffle his cabinet alete professionals, afukuze Ndii as his economic advisor, atoe house levy, atoe ile SHIF ya insurance then youths will cool down."

Ruto has promised to handle some of the issues brought up by Gen Z. According to the President, he values their input and he has heard them.

He went on to say that he will implement those that he can, including cutting down on government spending and offices.

"My good sons and daughters let me tell you that I value what you do. I have heard what you have said, I have seen what you have done and you have made recommendations. Some, I will outright implement on cutting down on government and cutting down on offices that we can," Ruto said.

The Head of State noted that young people have also given him tough choices and he will have a meeting with them before the end of the week on how to go about this.

Ruto said that as they prepare to engage, young people should come prepared to give clear suggestions on how the country can move forward.

"I will deal with some of the issues you have raised. You have given me some difficult choices I will suggest to you how we can together go about the difficult choices you have put on the table on some of the issues."


"I want to promise you that in the engagement we are going to have, God willing, in the next couple of days. We've agreed with some of your colleagues here maybe Thursday, or Friday."

The President said that as they go for the engagement, there must be respect.

He added that Kenya is the only home for all citizens and they must do all they can and within the law to protect the country.

"My request to you is that we have a country to keep. It is the only home we have and we must do whatever it is that we do within the parameters of the law respecting one another and talking to one another with respect so that we can move forward together as a country. I am looking forward to this engagement," Ruto said.

The President spoke during a meeting with Digital Media Houses representatives at State House, Nairobi.

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