Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie apologizes for 'fake photos' claim

• The legislator was captured in a Parliamentary session claiming that the images from the Occupy Parliament protests on Tuesday June 20 were doctored.

John Kiarie
Image: Courtesy

Dagoretti South MP John Kiarie has reiterated his claims that photos from the RejectFinanceBill protests were fake.

During a Parliamentary session, the legislator asserted that the images from the Occupy Parliament protests on Tuesday, June 20, were doctored.

He claimed to be an expert capable of identifying altered images, some of which he said were taken from old protests.

"The committee was already in the process of engaging Kenyans way before a fake protest was organized. Some of the photos we were seeing, I can tell you as a graphic editor, do not belong to this country," Kiarie stated.

"Photos were being taken off the internet, edited, and posed as Gen Z. I am a photo expert, and I can point out photos that were edited to look like they were in the streets of Nairobi but were not."

He explained that every digital image has a digital footprint, allowing experts to determine the metadata, which can reveal if a photo from 2020 was used recently.

In his apology, Kiarie acknowledged his insensitivity. "I truly apologize for the comments I made regarding the protests and the authenticity of certain images.

In the heat of the moment, during the debate on the finance bill, my words were unnecessary, misguided, and insensitive."

He added a handwritten note expressing deep regret for his remarks. "After reflection and understanding the anger and frustration that exists in our nation—anger that stems from decades of many unresolved, but very pertinent national issues," he wrote.

"Having been a part of movements clamoring for social justice and good governance in the past, I acknowledge the importance of vigilance and popular agitation for a better Kenya.

I appreciate and celebrate the courage and creativity shown by the younger generation in advocating for change through innovative channels and platforms, including social media and other emerging technologies."

Two days ago, Kiarie faced fierce resistance at a burial where he attempted to defend his remarks. Chants from the crowd prevented him from continuing his address, and a woman approached him and took the microphone.

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