My girlfriend is welcome in our marital home-Oparanya reveals

• The politician also opened up on whether he would get another girlfriend.


Former Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya has been candid about his personal life, revealing in a pre-recorded interview with KTN Home that he has a girlfriend.

"I've told you I was born alone. So my mother taught me to be sincere," he shared. "But because I was born alone—actually we were five, but they died—she used to say when you grow up, have more children to compensate for what I would have had."

Oparanya has been open about his polygamous lifestyle, emphasizing his commitment to transparency and integrity.

"There are people who pretend and at night they are witches, so if you know my life, deal with me like that," he stated, adding that people know he speaks the truth and follows through on his words.

During the interview, Oparanya gave a tour of his five-bedroom mansion in Kakamega, highlighting how he and his wife Priscilla spend their time together.

He discussed his family setup, confirming he is married to two women and has a girlfriend.

"Yes, I'm married to two wives, I have a girlfriend," he said, addressing rumours about his life. He mentioned that his girlfriend is welcome in their home and gets along well with his wives.

Oparanya explained that he sought a girlfriend for companionship after retiring from politics. "After politics, you need someone to keep you busy. You see my wife now she is here, she cannot accompany me everywhere, sometimes you just need to relax with a beautiful woman around you," he elaborated.

However, he has no plans to add more girlfriends, humorously noting, "No, no, no, life is now very expensive. There is no more vacancy."

Reflecting on his long career, Oparanya expressed contentment with his retirement after working for 41 years, finding happiness in his current lifestyle.

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