I retired from that sector - Amused Millie Odhiambo replies to randy Gen Z text

• The politician was contributing to debate about protecting teen girls from predators.

Millie Odhiambo
Image: Courtesy

Ahead of the peaceful march Tuesday, June 18 against the proposed Finance Bill 2024, Kenyans reached out to politicians.

Kenyans have been sending messages to leaders calling on them to reject the Finance Bill 2024 when it comes up for debate on the floor of the house.

The phone numbers were leaked online and Millie Odhiambo on Tuesday, shared some things she had been told in the DM.

She was contributing to debate about protecting teen girls from predators,

"We have raised standards, on protecting our children that we cannot talk because of men's libido that we lower the age for our children," the fiery legislator told

While speaking about empowering victims, Millie continued arguing her point and then confessed that she has retired from a certain sector.

"Madam Speaker in fact nowadays it's the opposite, people are amused that I'm sharing on this Finance Bill. There is a young man who has written to me when people are writing and telling me. 'Make sure the Finance Bill does not pass.' A young man instead is writing to me that I am young but I have inches, Madam Speaker."

In a news broadcast aired on Citizen TV,  she is heard saying she is amused.

"So it is actually the reverse, it's the young men who are looking for retirees like me. I don't mean I have retired in my work, but I have retired in that other sector, telling me about inches, what do I do with inches."

Milie held up papers referring to a criminal appeal case.  

"But what I'm saying is even for those ones we must protect our young boys from people, I think we call them cougars. Or something who may be older but may want to take advantage of young boys who are young, and poor and would want to take advantage by giving them money."

Millie said that she would support it but would wish for amendments.

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