This is the first thing Karen Nyamu notices in a man

• The nominated senator engaged Kenyans in an illuminating quickfire about herself.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has shared a few quick facts about herself that the general public had no clue about.

In a round of quickfire questions that the mother of 3 took part in with NRG Radio, she laid herself bare in a bid to help her fans get to know her more as well as dispel some rumours that swirl around regarding her personality and lifestyle.

On what the politician notices first in a man, Karen revealed above all one's pair of shoes is the first thing she will notice. "Shoe game," Karen candidly said with a nod of the head affirming that shoes can either keep her hooked or throw her completely off.

She went on to add that interestingly she does not have a celebrity crush... as of now. But her babies are the only individuals who totally melt her heart.

"Have you ever thought of having a Ben 10?" The interviewer excitedly asked the entrepreneur to which she replied she had given the idea some thought. "Yes, I have thought," said the nominated senator without further elaborating on her statement.

Ironically, upon being asked preferably what age she would want her 'boy toy' to be, Karen realized that she did not quite know what a 'Ben 10' is.

"Does Ben 10.... it is all about age? Is it not about dependency?" a surprised Karen Nyamu asked.

She went on to add, "Ben 10 is it not about a man depending on you? It's not about age... I thought Ben 10 is about dependency. You can have a younger man who is working and earning.

Because I have an issue with people mistaking the father of my children for a Ben 10 but in reality mimi ndio humkata, (I'm the one who takes money from him)."

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