President Museveni: I paid the dowry for all my daughters

• The Ugandan head of state had a fascinating reason for going against traditional norms where the bridegroom's family pays the bride price.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
Image: Twitter

President Yoweri Museveni has admitted to paying dowry for all his daughters. The Ugandan Head of State has three daughters namely Diana, Natasha, and Patience.

The 79-year-old in his Women's Day speech, detailed why he refuses to accept dowry from any son-in-law.

His reason was to demonstrate the social economic transformation that all Ugandan families need to embrace to effectively deal with Gender-based violence plus achieve women’s empowerment.

He cited the region he comes from where he alleged families are adopting his style of marriage practices.

According to Pulse Uganda, Museveni referred to a discussion he held with one of his ministers who had attended a wedding and that is where that refusal to accept dowry from a man was noticed.

At that wedding, the bride’s family did not accept the groom’s gifts but instead asked them to choose any number of cows they wanted.

The groom’s family went back with 90 cows.

“The groom’s family couldn’t believe it, but that is what happens when families move out of poverty,” Museveni said.

The president said that even he had managed to move away from the practice of asking for the bride price.

“All my girls are married and I am a big grandfather. But I am the one who pays the bride price for them when they get married,” he said.


“I always accompany them with cows.”

The President's wife has also ever disclosed that her daughters got married when they were virgins. She was addressing an audience during the commemoration of the Day of the Girl Child several years ago.

"I made all my daughters sign 'true love waits' cards and they would abstain until the wedding night when they would produce these cards to their spouses," she declared.

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