7 fast facts about Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

• A section of the Ex-Starehe Mp's Nairobi based church demolished Wed March 6.

jesus is alive ministries
jesus is alive ministries

A demolition exercise on Margaret Wanjiru's Jesus Is  Alive Ministries Church yesterday got the attention of social media users with the woman of God trending on X.

A sobbing Bishop narrated the experience in an interview with media houses where she lamented about it.

She said unknown people went to the Jesus is Alive Ministries, which is located along the Haile Selassie Highway, and began to demolish it.

This allegedly followed a dispute over the land where the church lies.

"I wasn't campaigning to be repaid like this. Sadly, this is the government that we campaigned for. I am yet to believe that they can do this to me. I am the one who sold UDA in Nairobi," she said as she fought back tears.

The Bishop while questioning the intentions, explained that she felt it was politically motivated. She claimed phones were also confiscated.

"I was injured on my hand, my children have also been hurt. Almost everybody is bleeding inside there. They said they were sent by Railways," she denied having taken over private land.

"Hii ni investment, no one has taken Railway Property. This Kenya Kwanza Government I fought for it. I'm one of the chief campaigners. Truly I wasn't campaigning to be repaid like this," she pleaded.

Below are some casual facts about the trending bishop:

1. Is 62 years old.

2. Is the presiding Bishop of Jesus Is Alive Ministries

3. Was elected Starehe MP in 2007 on an ODM ticket 

4. Appointed as Housing Assistant Minister in 2008 and served until 2013

5. Unsuccessfully vied for the Nairobi senatorial seat in 2013

6. Was once married to James Kamangu

7. Is a mother of 3

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