Mens' Conference Speaker! Hilarious reactions as Boni Khalwale introduced his 3 wives at funeral

• During a press conference held earlier on Tuesday, the senator disclosed that he had four wives and 17 children.

Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, his three wives and some of his children.
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Kakamega senator Boni Khalwale introduced his three wives during the burial of his caretaker, Kizito Moi Amukune, who tragically succumbed to injuries inflicted by Khalwale's fighter bull.

Khalwale suggested that Moi's tragic encounter might have been influenced by inebriation before visiting his beloved Inasio.

"I had just given him his salary. It appears that he passed by the local drinking den. He liked the bull, so he might have come over to see him," Khalwale wrote.

Amid tributes to his caretaker, Khalwale took a moment to introduce his three wives, Josephine Umina Khalwale, Gloria Sekeiyan Khalwale, and Diana Moragwa Khalwale.

He shared a photo of them at the burial, expressing gratitude for their support during the challenging period. He captioned the image:

"We've held hands together with my wives (Josephine Umina Khalwale, Gloria Sekeiyan Khalwale & Diana Moragwa Khalwale) and my sons (Steven Kapten Khalwale, Tigana Khachuma Khalwale, & Sonister Timboi Khalwale) during the last 10 difficult days. Gracios."

Check out some reactions from Kenyans below:

Peter Koima™@LilKoima· It is now official you will be a guest speaker in this year's edition of the men's conference.
Kijana Wa Atwori@AtworiYa· I'm not a prophet but what I know is that, one of your wives in this photo knows the truth..
35KKanyore@ItsKanyore· 3rd wife is always taken care of than others.
KGratia Donum Dei@GratiaDonum· Senator, it is not my business, but since you have mentioned your family in public, please take care of your first and second wives. It seems you have neglected them.
11KLord Muhalia@lordmuhalia· A family that stands together, stays united.
26KDuke of Bungoma@bungomaduke· A wonderful family indeed
 captain@elcaptain_3· How does it concern us omwami
Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru@RodgersKipembe· Nani hapo alionjwa?
35KMutembei William@Mutembeiwiliam·From kienyeji to Improved kienyeji and then Broiler

During a press conference held earlier on Tuesday, the senator disclosed that he has four wives and 17 children.

Khalwale began by mentioning his first wife, the late Adelaide Khalwale, who is the mother of his initial three children. Adelaide passed away in 2019.

He then introduced his second wife, Josephine Khalwale, who is the mother of three out of his 17 children. One has completed university, while two are still in school.

The senator continued to share that his third wife, Gloria Khalwale, is the mother of eight of his children. Among them, some are in university, while others are pursuing education at lower levels.

Khalwale went on to reveal that his fourth wife is Diana Khalwale, with whom he has three children. All three are currently in lower levels of education. Despite having a large family, the senator expressed confidence in the paternity of all his children, noting a striking resemblance they share.

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