Raila and Jaramogi Odinga's Christian names finally revealed

• The revelations were made during a memorial service for the late opposition leader who passed on 30 years ago.

TBT of Raila Odinga and Ida during a family photo shoot with his father, Jaramogi
Image: Courtesy

The first names of Luo Kenya's most prominent family were finally revealed during the well-attended ceremony remembering the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga that took place yesterday in Kisumu.

It was disclosed during the event that Raila Odinga's first name is Joshua while Oburu Odinga's is Caleb and their late father Jaramogi's first name was Nicodemus.

In related news, Ida also reminisced about her initial encounter with her late father-in-law, Jaramogi, during the 30th anniversary of his death at Ofafa Hall in Kisumu county.

Leaders such as Margaret Kenyatta, CS Moses Kuria, and Homabay Governor Gladys Wanga attended the event.

Ida shared the amusing story of how Raila, her husband, misled her by taking her on what seemed like a random journey from Kisumu.

As they passed villages and bushes, they eventually arrived at a well-organized home. Surprised, Ida asked Raila where they were, and he revealed it was his family home.

"He lied to me he was taking me for a ride from Kisumu. We passed villages and bushes. Eventually, we arrived in a home that looked really good. It was organised," she recalled.

Although initially shocked, Ida commended Jaramogi, describing him as a kind man.

"I was shocked. I asked him why he didn't tell me we were coming to your home because I could have prepared myself mentally and even her dress code.

When we got there, the next thing he told me was 'come and meet my father'. I was dumb scared. I almost fainted, but I didn't,"

Despite the unexpected introduction, she shared that Jaramogi warmly welcomed her into the family, offering her KSh 200 and instructing her to buy soda.

"He gave me KSh 200 and said 'go buy soda on your way'. From there, he made quick arrangements for me to get married and until today, I remain the daughter-in-law."

This encounter marked the beginning of her journey as the daughter-in-law of Jaramogi Odinga, a role she holds with pride to this day.

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