Watch: Babu Owino's realistic tips on having a successful marriage

• The politician also revealed that his wife knows his bank details.

Babu Owino with his wife
Image: Instagram

Babu Owino, the Member of Parliament for Embakasi East, expressed gratitude for his wife's unwavering loyalty during his toughest moments.

In an Instagram video shared by the politician, he emphasized the divine origin of good women and encouraged men to love and respect their wives, stressing the importance of compatibility and understanding.

"A beautiful woman comes from God. A handsome man comes from the bank. The moment you will appreciate the importance of a partner is when there are challenges. And the challenges that you go through is when your partner is by your side, always supporting you and being strong by your side and always praying for you," he said. 

He admitted that his wife knows his bank details, and he appreciated her for standing by him.

"If you cannot value her, if you cannot trust her, why did you marry that person? The most important thing is how you relate with your wife. Are you compatible? Do you communicate, do you date? Do you rise above petty issues and remember, marriage is a union between two persons to the exclusion of all others.

You only invite God in it. And somebody has even agreed to give you kids, that is someone who wants to spend time with you. And spend their life with you."

Babu pointed out the significance of trust, communication, and compatibility in marriage, highlighting that marriage is a union between two individuals, inviting God into the relationship.

Furthermore, Babu Owino suggested that a man should set the pace as the head of the family, determining the quality of the relationship with his wife.

"If you realise, any time you are in a challenge, your friends will run away, but your wife is your partner; this is your person," he added.

Social media users responded positively to Babu's words, with many appreciating his wisdom and acknowledging the importance of mutual respect and understanding in a relationship.

Some of the responses are below:

abed_mulumbi The genius Dr. Babu Owino. Governor 2027

maureen1915 this man should be our president

firstlady_nimo @ he.babuowino Al shabab 😂😂😂 . God bless you and first lady Dr

gratmay_car_shop Your wisdom on marriage is always to be emulated.

_anitaekai Wisdom...our future president 😍

putintheworld18 Noted ☑️

wycliffe_yclef_Babu has the rarest and the most amazing woman as wife in the globe, she has a golden heart.

_caltum And wisdom comes from Dr Babu 🙌👏

alex_champ22 Very wise

makenna_peter You are wise!

frankgichuk Well said 👏🏿

joycelynnemathenge Am happy your mother gave us a son who has brains ....hii breed ni rare....

_sulta.n Daktariii bwanaaaa unatuua na wisdom! @he.babuowino Al shabaab😂😂

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