Karen Nyamu-I was told joining politics was a waste of time

• Nyamu is currently a nominated Senator.

• She had vied for a Woman Representative for Nairobi.

Karen Nyamu
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu now says she was greatly discouraged from joining politics. The mother of three was told joining politics was a waste of her time.

Nyamu says she loves people from Kibra as they voted for her in high numbers. Sharing a social media photo of herself in a Kibra United Soccer Club Jersey, she shared;

"Representing in my Kibra United Soccer Club jersey kama kawa. Today let me explain to you my soft spot and bond with the people of Kibra.

In 2017 when I vied for Nairobi woman rep I was discouraged from campaigning in Kibra and other ODM 'strongholds'. I was told it was a waste of time.

They don't vote for us. That didn't make any sense to me. I went there a few times and made friends. We even put a billboard right at the entrance of Kibra in DC.

I frequented the place. I was so at home there. Hakuna place singekanyanga kibra anytime of day or night."

Nyamu says she almost won but ended up conceding defeat to Racheal Shebesh.

"Fast forward to Jubilee party nominations day, Nairobi Voted! Results were trickling in. One of the first results to come in via citizen TV was from Kibra constituency. I was leading.

Followed by Shebesh, and then by Omanga. Ala! Nikajua giniwasekau, hii nimechukua😅 I would later concede and congratulate Rachel Shebesh after the whole Nairobi tally was done.

But in Kibra I still led. Kibra and Kamkunji constituencies. Both ODM strongholds then. Nitawapenda milele. Nyinyi ni wangu na mimi ni wenyu n no party will ever separate us ❤️

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