Photos: Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta looking serene on golf course

• The retired president has tried to keep himself away from the limelight ever since he left office in September 2022.

Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta
Image: Facebook

Political activist Pauline Njoroge has posted heartwarming photos of former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret Kenyatta enjoying a round of golf.

This glimpse into their peaceful retirement comes after a tumultuous 2022 election season, marked by passionate debates and rivalries surrounding Uhuru's preferred successor and his eventual handover of power to William Ruto.

During the heated campaign, opponents of Uhuru's choice, Raila Odinga, created taunts targeting the then-president, with phrases like "Uhuru maliza uende" (complete your term and go) dominating political discourse.

Some even mocked Raila, urging him to return home and retire, while others vowed to vote against him to ensure Uhuru's swift departure from the political scene.

Uhuru Kenyatta playing golf
Image: Facebook

However, Njoroge's photos suggest a different narrative. The images captured a relaxed and happy couple, far removed from the political turbulence they recently navigated.

Uhuru Kenyatta with Margaret Kenyatta
Image: Facebook

This has sparked positive reactions online, with many admiring the Kenyattas' resilience and newfound leisure.

Escar Jepkemoi expressed unwavering support for the power couple, while Stephen Waithia remarked on Uhuru's seemingly stress-free appearance, noting, "It's like the presidency was stressing him."

Rono Shamron further praised Margaret's unwavering support, expressing his own desire for a similarly supportive partner.

While Uhuru's post-presidency presence continues to evoke political discussions, these glimpses of leisure offer a refreshing perspective on the couple's journey.

In the tranquil setting of the golf course, the Kenyatta's seem to be forging a new chapter, away from the demands and pressures of political life.

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