Wamuchomba: I gave birth to my first-born on the toilet floor

• Wamuchomba says the nurse should not have allowed her to go use the washroom.

• This is because the urge to poop and the baby coming almost have similar signs.

Gathoni Wamuchomba

Githunguri Member of Parliament (MP) Gathoni Wamuchomba has revealed how traumatic it was giving birth in a toilet.

The incident took place at a Private Hospital in 2003, where she had been admitted.

Sharing her experience during an event organized by her organization Gathoni Muchomba Africa Foundation and Kenya Women Parliamentarians Association, he shared her story.

“I was put in a private room when I reported to the hospital. I was injected with medicine to induce labour on three different occasions.

I had a team of nurses assigned to watch over me. I was in the labour ward waiting to be taken into the delivery room.”

Unknown to her, she was already in labour.

After being permitted to go to the washroom she ended up giving birth on the floor and blacked out.

"I went to the Head nurse and I told her that I needed to relieve myself.

She happily gave me the go-ahead. I entered the toilet and when I needed to help myself, the baby came out."

Luckily for her the baby survived and was in good health.

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