Fun facts about the sassy politician Sabina Chege

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• Sabina Chege is a nominated member of parliament, a mother of three and a former women's representative.

Sabina Chege
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Sabina Chege is loved by many thanks to her calm demeanour.

Unknown to many Sabina is a woman of many hats.

She was a former actress and radio presenter before she decided to join politics back in 2013.

Sabina is known for her famous role as Rehema in Tausi which used to air on KBC.

The nominated member of parliament comes from a family of nine and is the last born in the family.  She first came to Nairobi after she finished her Form 4.

The mother of three was an actor back in high school and decided to continue her career once she came to Nairobi. 

Sabina Chege once opened up and stated that she walked to KBC and requested to see the Tausi crew and later ended up replacing a character on the show after she announced she used to be an actor in High School.

"One day, I watched the Tausi show on KBC because I was very interested. Back in high school, I joined drama. So one day, I walked to KBC and said I wanted to see 'Tausi' people. I said I was acting in school and I was interested," 

"I was picked and I replaced a character called Rehema. So I acted before I joined the university."

Just before she joined the university, she used to work as a matatu driver and was famous on the Dagorreti squad.

What comes as a shock is that she drove along Dgorreti when she was heavily pregnant and just before she was able to join the university gave birth to her first child.

She studied at the University of Nairobi and the Kenya Institute of Management where she obtained a Bachelor of Education degree and a master's degree in communication.

After graduating she worked as a radio presenter on Coro FM and in radio management at Kameme FM and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation.

Sabina joined politics back in 2013- 2022 where she served as a Woman representative of Muranga.

Key facts that make Sabina Chege the strong and inspiring woman she is.

1) She is the last born in a family of 9 and a mother of 3.

2) Born on 22 August 1978 and is 45 years old.

3) Acted in KBC show Tausi as Rehema before joining University.

4) Drove Matatu around Dagorreti areas while she was pregnant.

5) Got married before joining campus.

6)Has a bachelor's degree in education and a Master's degree in Communication from the University of Nairobi.

7) Worked as a radio presenter on Coro FM and a radio manager at Kameme FM.

8) Joined politics in 2013 as Women's representative for Muranga county.

9) Served as a women's representative for 2 terms.

10) In 2019 she sponsored the Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service Bill which commercialises blood transfusions and creates a new national body to coordinate blood donations nationally.

11) Aspires to be the first female president in Kenya.

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