Arati: My wife often serves me lunch in office


• He told off those castigating him on account of his wife's presence in his office.

Simba Arati with his wife
Image: Screengrab

Simba Arati, the governor of Kisii, justified his wife May Arati's presence in his office. Arati argued that his wife was not assisting him in co-governing the devolved unit.

Instead, he claimed, she merely acknowledges him as his better half and frequently brings him lunch at work. He also reprimanded people who had been criticising him for having her in his office all the time.

"Those asking why she brings me food to the office, what is your concern, are you planning to do something fishy to me ?" Arati posed on Tuesday during an interview on a morning show.

The majority of the callers expressed discomfort with Arati's wife being near county offices. The governor also addressed the fact that his administration was ranked lowest in the expenditures on development.

Arati said that he was merely being cautious about how Treasury monies were being used to support mwananchi.

"Let us be listed last, I have no problem whatsoever, but in the end, the money is safe," he said.

He vowed not to let criminals prowl after the money. Arati declared that despite the barrage of online criticism he has received for his refusal to enhance corruption, he will not be intimidated.

"They can continue abusing me but let them know that I will not allow thieves anywhere near public funds," he said.

Arati stated that he has already paid Sh111 million of the 240 million Sh to reliable contractors in regard to unpaid debts.

Arati declared that he would not provide any money to ventures that were dubious.

"The deal is done, there shall be no money for ghost projects, you can take that to the bank," the governor said.

Arati finished by saying that he had already put in place procedures to deal with enduring infrastructure problems.

"I assure my people that no road is going to remain impassable under my watch. We must fix the mess," he said.

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