How Sakaja’s seat-belt video turned into viral necktie maintenance lesson

• The politician was responding to critics who had called him out for seemingly not wearing a safety belt

Johnson Sakaja
Image: Instagram

In order to prevent spoiling one's necktie while wearing suits, Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has released a video instructing men on how to buckle their seatbelts properly.

The charismatic father of three posted a video where he explained that after he posted a video of himself driving through the CBD yesterday evening, netizens had been criticising him because they believed he wasn't wearing a safety belt.

Sakaja claimed that the comments section had inspired him to publish the clip and instruct his fellow guys on how to properly fasten their seatbelts when travelling in order to appear stylish, prevent one's clothes from clumping together, and still be fully protected.

“What's up guys so yesterday I took a video while driving… from the CBD… and everybody was asking me ‘where is your belt?’… well, a story for the gentlemen… a lesson,” the politician could be heard saying at the start of the video.

The politician went on to illustrate how to properly put on a seatbelt while wearing a suit in the car;

“If you have a good tie, take care of it. You never put your belt on top of your tie… you put it under… and through. So from that angle, it looks like you don’t have a belt… but always, always… wear a belt be safe. Good day," the father of 3 said.

The video has gone viral with over 179 TikTok users have saved the video, which has over 11.8k likes, close to 300 comments, and over 117.6k views. It has also been shared over 181 times by various users.

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