Phillip Etale blasted for his Koffi Olomide comments

The damage was so bad that he had to retweet something apologizing for his earlier statement


• Phillip Etale was bashed by Kenyans for criticizing Koffi Olomide's dressing by saying people of his age should dress differently.

Phillip Etale
Image: The-Star

Phillip Etale who is the communications secretary for the ODM party has found himself on the wrong side of Kenyans on Twitter.

He posted a picture of Koffi Olomide with a tweet that ridiculed how he dressed.

"This man is called Koffi Olomide. He is 66. His agemates are Papa Wa Roma, JB Muturi, Martha Karua, Theresa May, Steve Harvey, Dwane Casey, Mukesh Ambani et’al. But his dress code pisses me off big time.

Maybe he thought that people would side with him but the people chose to go at him very hard. He was left defending himself in the replies and explaining himself.

The damage was so bad that he had to retweet something apologizing for his earlier statement but he didn't pull his previous post down.

"Poleni bas. Koffi Olomide aka Quadra Kora Man, Grand Mopao Mokonzi, Mukulukulu, Patraõ, Le Rambo, Nkolo Lupemba, Mokolo Bilanga etc is A GOOD MAN. A great artist. Fashionista. Man of the people. Mobali malamu."

People told him to leave musicians dressing for the musicians but he should focus on matters of Azimio and the Finance bill.

Some told him to leave the singer alone as his way of dressing represents his brand and that is his trademark.

One or two people sympathized with him and said many people wouldn't understand his tweet. Others told him that he shouldn't be poking his nose in matters that don't concern him.

Here are some of the comments that were left on his tweet :

Ken Ochieng’@_ochieng1Maisha ni yake, We shughulika na yako

Phannie A. Kwegah @MissKwegah1He’s an artist. Not a parliamentarian. He dresses his trade. He’s relatable therein. He thrives therein. Also, how does it concern you? You are those type of people who poke their noses in everything that does not concern them. Why don’t you focus on self?

Shujaa@Shujaa03Understand brand and "consistency" Take a look at @juacaliGenge he has been consistent with his hairstyle all.through because that's what gives him identity as a brand

Charles Mwabili Harry@CMwabiliOccupational trends. His career is showbiz. You can't put on Italian suits in showbiz and dance well. Chasing the dollar is the bottom line

Ben Yada@benxonbenzyYaani na hii akili yote umebebea Azimio coalition huwezi fikiria. Koffi is a musician, not some lawyer or speaker. Kichwa imekuwa tu kama signpost ya Nyamakima

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