Peter Salasya warned by concerned Kenyans over recent video

In the video, the first time MP can be seen begging the president to reconsider the finance bill

• Kenyans were unhappy with the manner in which the MP had posted especially considering the alcohol in the video.

Peter Salasya.
Image: Instagram

Mumias East MP Peter Salasya has been criticized by Kenyans for a recent video that he posted online. 

The reason? Like most Kenyans, the MP who earns more than sh 1 million a month wasn't happy with the recent proposals in the tax bill being fronted by Kenya's head of state.

But while he made some valid points, the seeming alcohol imbibing in the video he posted seemed to be the major problem for many who watched the video of the first-time MP.

"Mr. President Ruto, you're the main. But when you bring the 35% proposed income tax, housing fund tax in the Finance Bill," the youthful politician began.

He also complained about how the proposed changes might affect him as his take home after loans have been paid is minuscule.

"Me, my whole salary I have taken loans. What will you cut? I only get zero. Or you want to take my property?

I used to get Sh34k and even that is gone, I have put it in projects. My payslip is nothing. I'm only surviving on the small allowances I get when I go to those meetings when I'm doing work for Kenyans."

He then went on to beg the president to reconsider his hugely unpopular housing fund and urged Mr. Ruto to consider a capital gains tax instead.

"Mr. Ruto please have mercy on these Kenyans. Charge the people who're buying property and homes.

Charge on the people who are buying homes in cash, leave alone the people who're buying on loans...those civil servants they have nothing! 

Have mercy on them! Even that 3%...Those are hustlers. Charge the taxes on capital gains. I will go to Treasury to speak to CS Njuguna to teach him some economics that I learnt in Egerton some time back," he finished.

Read some of the comments below from Kenyans who reacted to the MP;

DonsaidIT@Donsaid_KE· Huyu mzee ako na miaka gapi? Ako na watoto? Ako na babi?

davis sanix opanda@OpandaDavis· Onces upon a time Peter Salasya was a CU patron at a certain school, What happened,watu turufiye mungu.2

NGIYEH Media.@NGIYEH_Media· Mu friend. Izi post za ulishatei zinakuchomea. My wife hails from your constituency. When making national posts be sober pal. I drink alot but responsibly. GOOD NIGHT...

Tanui@AlexTanui15· Eh watu wa hiyo constituency izeni bana

Elijah Juma@ElijahJuma14· Ulevi ita kumaliza

KKO@IamKakako1 Unaeza toa yutman kichakani lakini hauwezi toa ulevi kwa myut

I of N@mart_irer Hehehe wee ujaskia rais akisema halewangwi Bana

JACKIN MURITHI KIGIG@kigigej· Kumbe hii ulevi ndio inasumbua ww1

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