Donald Kipkorir flies mum to India for specialised treatment

We wish her a quick recovery.


• The flamboyant lawyer has expressed hope his mother will recover.

• Kipkorir hopes the heavens will hear his prayers.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir flies his mum to India for Cancer treatment.
Image: Twitter

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir on Friday left the country for India where his mother is to undergo treatment. Kipkorir has expressed hope that his mother will recover.

He said they were flying to India to see an oncologist, adding that she has been through a lot of pain in her sickness journey. 

"On my way to India with my mum....My Beloved mum Katarina has undergone so much pain .. Praying that the Best Oncologists in India will give my mum respite and healing. May the heavens hear us," he said.

The lawyer referenced the Bible on the commandment to honour parents, noting that order has assured blessings. 

Ephesians 6:2-3 reads, "Honor your father and mother - which is the first commandment with a promise- so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth."

Days ago Kenyan artist Mustafa also reveled his mum has been battling cancer.

This he revealed is one of the reasons he has been having financial difficulties.

Kenyans contributed more than 600K to him, Jaguar and his friends also contributed a million bob for him.

He addressed this after a video of him in a mjengo went viral.

He was working in Donholm construction on a week-long contract trying to pay medical bills for his mum.

He found out she was sick 9 months ago. "It was really bad because I was not with her so when I met her, we stayed together in the same house."

He recalled a terrible night when his mum spent the night crying writhing in pain, something that made him realize she was sick.

He took some savings and took her to hospital. She was diagnosed with cancer. "Tuliona mum anaeza enda. Nikachukuwa the last savings, to do a CT scan, it was between figo on the left side, it was very big."

She has done 6 months chemotherapy so far. "The medicine really affects her after Chemo. We do it every three weeks," he informed Mungai.

That's why he works mjengo jobs, to avoid begging or stealing."Niliamua wacha nitumie mikono yangu kuliko kuiba."


How did his money troubles get so bad? "It started at the time of corona, nikasota kabisa lakini kulikuawa ile moja mbili."

He even moved in with a friend for almost ten months. "Mziki haijakuwa ikifanya vizui, kila nikitoa muziki inakataa."

He had some savings he used to release music in the hopes that things would work out but it didnt. This coincided with the time that his mother fell sick.

The emotional and financial strain took a toll on Mustafa. "She needed so much and I had nothing," he said ruefully.

He has not been making any money from his music. "Sina rights na ngoma its with the record label, sijawahi pata hata shilingi."

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