"Why Charlene used the term, 'Office of the 1st daughter'" Ruto finally comes clean

The head of state emphasized that no member of his family should get involved in politics

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• Ruto emphasized that his daughter Charlene should not be involved in politics in any way as she is not a politician.

President-elect William Ruto and daughter Charlene Ruto.
Image: Instagram

President William Ruto has once again spoken about the office of the nation's 'first daughter' - which was 'started' by his daughter Charlene Ruto several months ago.

Ruto answered a question from Mr. Mo Ibrahim at the KICC who wanted to know what the office of the first daughter of the nation is

The leader of the nation said that there is no such office while mentioning it as a Kenyan joke which was started by Charlene on her Twitter page. as one way to distinguish her account from fake ones.

The President stressed that members of his family should not get involved in politics at all. "I think Mo is interfering with me a lot," Ruto cheekily stated while everyone laughed.

"It's just a Kenyan joke because my innocent daughter Charlene posted it on her Twitter account. I asked her why she did this. She replied that it was to distinguish between legitimate and fake accounts.

And I told her that many people will misunderstand it but she told me that that is what she has decided to call herself."

Ruto emphasized that he has no intention of funding the office of the first daughter by using citizens' taxes while saying that his philosophy of leadership believes that everything should not revolve around the president.

He said that Kenyans have moved on from that.

"If you look at the way I look at how we should move the country forward, development to include everyone, my philosophy says that everything should not be around the presidency, even if it is William Ruto.

My family members should not get involved in politics, but I am not saying that they should not, if they want that is theirs but I am saying that it is enough that Kenyans have given me the honour of being their president and I should not use that opportunity to bring my family into politics," President Ruto said.

Ruto said that the opportunity given to him by Kenyans as president is to use it to nurture and raise other people's children so that they can have opportunities like the ones he has had.

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