Shock as lady appears in birthday suit at Kilifi governor's home

The beauty camped outside the governor's office about 2 hours before leaving, promising to return until she meets the governor.

Piece by: Moses Sagwe

• It is believed that the woman is a human rights activist in the coastal county.

Gideon Mung'aro
Image: The-Star

A riot was witnessed earlier this week in the compound of Kilifi governor, Gideon Mung'aro after a middle-aged woman visited the house naked.

According to those who witnessed the ordeal that lasted for more than two hours, the lady is said to have been between the ages of 20 and 30.

The woman was protesting that she had been repeatedly assaulted by an unnamed person and that her efforts to seek justice through the police service had been frustrated, a newspaper reported.

She said that she had no choice but to act strangely to attract the attention of people who she believed would be of great help to her.

It is believed that the woman is a human rights activist in the coastal county. At around 10 am, the woman, who we will not identify for ethical reasons, walked to the governor's house wearing only her underwear.

When she reached the main gate, the guards guarding Mung'aro's house prevented her from entering.

Her pleas, however, were not heard, as the governor, who she wanted to see had already left home on official business.

After camping outside Mung'aro's house for almost two hours, the woman left, vowing to return to seek a meeting with the county chief.

Residents who followed the story as it unfolded, condemned the incident, saying stripping naked outside the governor's compound was not the best way for the woman to address her grievances.

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