Rigathi Gachagua reveals his first salary as a DO

Gachagua worked as a District Officer Cadet in 1989.

• Gachagua has encouraged young people not to undermine humble beginnings.

• He has since risen to be come Kenya's VP.

Rigathi Gachagua.
Image: The-Star

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed his first salary as a DO was Ksh 3,230.

He was speaking on Friday while making his address at KICC during the launch of the value and principles compliance report 2021-2022 by the Public Service Commission, an event that was presided by President William Ruto.

“I joined the public service on January 16th, 1989 as a District Officer Cadet at a salary of Sh3,230… this is a good beginning, seize the opportunity and learn, and one day, you will be somebody in this country, it is possible,” Gachagua said.

He encouraged the 3,902 interns who have been indicted into public service to take up their roles seriously, which might equally land them in lucrative positions, such as his current position where he is earning better.

Langata MP Jalang'o has in the past revealed how he spent his first salary.

His first proper salary was wehn he joined Radio Africa Group. He was being paid 40K at the time

What did he do with his first salary?

‘I checked my salary and withdrew 2K, I then went to Mac Fries and bought fries. I called Otoyo and told him ’kuja hapa kuna chipo na kuku.’’

''I also bought myself a new bed and upgraded my TV. I bought a new one for around 18-20K, at least it was clear than what I had. Can you imagine sleeping on a new bed, watching TV and you are full?'' He joked

Raila jnr on the other hand revealed his first salary was Ksh 10,000.

"My first job was working as an accountant for an aviation company. The job entailed bookkeeping, handling petty cash and just ensuring that things were running smoothy. For that, I was paid Ksh 10,000.

What was your first salary?

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