2 painful reasons why Senator Gloria Orwoba wanted to leave Twitter

Gloria said that ridicule for menstruation in women hurts every woman.

Piece by: Grace Muia

"I was supposed to leave the internet and I was advised not to leave because I have already started this conversation

Gloria Orwoba.
Image: Instagram

Nominated Senator-elect Gloria Orwoba was a guest on Radio Jambo today afternoon and spoke to lovely host Massawe Jappani.

Gloria has been in the news this week after she entered the senate on the 14th of this month wearing pants with menstrual "blood" to argue for the distribution of free tampons for baby girls.

Her action divided Kenyans with many supporting her while other called her for her 'stunt'. During her interview, the fierce politician revealed that ridicule for menstruation hurts every woman.

"In parliament, you cannot speak before your time has come. When I was told to leave, I left without speaking because of parliamentary rules... Stigma during menstruation is harmful. There was a girl who killed herself because of this.

There is a bill we are preparing for sodo, bills take time to be implemented. I was sitting in parliament for about 30 minutes and there was no problem. I was fine until another woman started a conversation about what I was like. Ridicule for women's menstruation hurts like anything else, women politicians also get menstruation," said Gloria.

While talking about the issue of leaving Twitter, she said;

"I was supposed to leave the internet and I was advised not to leave because I had already started this conversation. What made me want to leave so much was being told that I cannot be given leadership because I don't know how to control my menstruation.

The men also said it was because I haven't found a man to get me pregnant."

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